Come for the history; stay for the love

Come Visit Us

New arrivals, friends, neighbors...come visit the Chapel for a wiff of history and a lot of love

Share Our Beliefs

Its simple; we believe in doing good, not embracing bad, and in the grace given to us by Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Come On Sunday

Experience Walker Chapel and it will change your life.  We are always here, especially on Sunday; the day to rest and be with God.

Grow Your Family

We love families of all sizes and walks of life.  We love becoming part of your family and growing with you.

Be Active

Plant flowers, create web pages, dig into history, tinker with engineering; its all here for you.

Dig Into History

A historical site rich in stories, people, and memories.  A unique Arlington experience from the church yard to the grave yard.

Have a Chapel Wedding

This is a threshold moment in your lives where the Chapel offers a unique classical, historical, white church on the hill as we share in your joy on this day.

Rest in Peace

While it is a historic graveyard going back to the start of the chapel, it is always a place where our friends rest in peace close to us.