Walker Chapel UMC

Sanctuary Open for Prayer: Sunday, 9:30 am
Adult Study: Sunday, 9:30 am
Worship: Sunday, 10:30 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday, 10:45 am

Computer Club

The chapel has a huge computer system that is ours to share and enjoy with our youths.  The Computer Club will be an integral part of our Youth Education Program as we assist our youth in preparing for their place in the world.

Junior Angels:  The entry level into the club will be youths in Middle School in the age group of 10+ to 13.  They will design their own website pages, develop the art work of pictures and images, and compose the content “in their own words”.  Content will come from Sunday School lessons and other interests as developed by the group.  The focus will be on having fun with computers rather than technical details.  Youths in this age group can join now!

Senior Angels:  The next level in the club will be youths in the High School age range of 14 to 18.  They will travel behind the scenes of the Walker Chapel website and learn about what makes a website run.  New things like style sheets, templates, html, editors, JavaScript, authentication, and interacting with a commercial grade relational database.  They will learn about the search engines of Google and Bing and how to optimize the website so it can easily be found by visitors.  They will learn the tools used to navigate the hundreds of pages that will be on the chapel website and how to make the website responsive to the hundreds of devices from desktop computers to smart phones.  They will be the “go to” group for any other committee or group in the church that has needs on the website such as the online plant sale, online VBS registration, photo albums, the Lay Leader’s Repository of monthly messages, and the Pastor’s Sermon Library.  Youths in this age group can join now!

Archangels:  As Senior Angels move on they are always welcome to remain connected and online.  If still in the area or during vacations they may join in club meetings of their choice and be mentors to the Junior and Senior Angels.

Gatekeepers:  The Pastor, webmaster, and the Chair and members of the Youth Education Committee will automatically be gatekeepers.  Any other adult member of the church is welcome to join now!  The group will partake in special discussion sessions where they learn more about the technology and establish the guidance to be followed by club members from content to child safety.