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Elenor Hodges has been ACE’s executive director since 2000. Her previous experience includes environmental consulting with DynCorp, developing the Animal Tracks environmental education program for Wal-Mart and program management in the education department at National Wildlife Federation. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Education from George Mason University. She lives in Arlington with her husband and two daughters.




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Last year we started a series of presentations called The FORUM.  The theme of the 2017 Forum was dedicated to opening our doors and minds to the community and world around us and to engage in conversations with people from all walks of life about the important issues of the day.  We were honored by presenters from the United States Institute for Peace, the Washington 2017 Lawyer of the Year for Immigration, the work of the Dangerous Speech Project, and Thomas Rainer and his vision of a cottage garden.  All were well attended by the community around us and the most unexpected pleasure was the Q&A sessions where the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of the attendees was awesome. 

In our book clubs this year we are finishing up reading Grounded by Diana Butler Bass.  It is, of course, a book about religion and faith but the focus is on what people believe today; about dirt, water and sky; and our relationship to the environment around us.  And so the idea came forth to move the Chapel along that path in 2018 and to serve as a conduit to increase community involvement and awareness in what groups like yours offer so one person could hear and make a difference. 

The dates for the Forum are the fourth Wednesday of each month starting in January with our presenter Elenor Hodges from


Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE) is a nonprofit that has been serving the Arlington community since 1978. ACE promotes stewardship of our natural resources and practical solutions to sustainable lifestyles in order to protect water, air, and open spaces. Our work is local, community-based and makes a difference by empowering individuals with resources, training, and opportunities to collaborate leading to more sustainable lifestyle choices. 

Elenor's presentation will touch on ways that we can all contribute to making our environment safer, cleaner, and better for us and future generations. ACE's work focuses on advancing energy efficiency, reducing litter to protect our waterways, sharing hands-on environmental information in the schools, and expanding the County’s tree canopy. Elenor will talk about current concerns for our global environment as well as thoughts on what actions individuals can take to help make a difference.

We are still planing for February and March open and can easily extend into June and the summer.  This year we would also like to combine the Forum with with AprilFest because it is a day when people from all over the area come to the Chapel to purchase plants for their gardens.  It would be wonderful if they could also see our local environmental groups in action providing information and even plant and growing advice.  AprilFest is also a huge book sale with typically some 9,000 books available for sale for pennies on the dollar.  All income from AprilFest goes to support the vetted charities of the Chapel and the event is one of our major benevolence fundraisers. 

 If you would like to come and be part of the Forum, please let us know via email to ie@uinspire.us