Walker Chapel United Methodist Church

Chapel Neighborhood Book Club

The Chapel has an active book club / study group each Sunday morning before Sunday Services.  The activity has been well attended and has already read and discusses a some great works and persons.  But many cannot attend at 9:30am on Sunday due to other chapel obligations such as the choir and WebMasters Computer Club.  For them and anyone else who would like to join us, a second book club has been created that meets on every other Wednesday night.

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WebMasters Computer Club

The computer lab is back together after Octoberfest and we have a better arrangement for working together.  The club will meet each 9:15 am Sunday morning as usual so come if you are able and join us as we continue on the new website.  There are several projects underway, but each club member is welcome to have their own sandbox and own projects if they like.

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HVAC Project

There are two HVAC systems that meet in the two large air handlers (fans) that circulate air; one for the Sanctuary and the other for the Fellowship Hall.  One HVAC system is for heating and is made up of a low-pressure natural gas boiler that heats water that is pumped through the many pipes in the chapel to the radiators and the air handlers.  The second system is for cooling and is made up of a large electric motor, refrigerant compressor, and a large outside bank of condensers.  It was the compressor that failed last year.  Both HVAC systems service just the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall building.  The administration building has its own bank of six units that provide heating and cooling.  Read more here and on the status of our system...

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Pledge Campaign

We pledge to support our Chapel and our dollars provide the foundation upon which so much depends.  Without the foundation there would be no benevolence program with Oktoberfest, Aprilfest and a celebration of our faith across the seasons.  Without the foundation there would be no place to meet, to share our friendship and love for each other.  Without the foundation those who passed before us would not still be under our care and protection.  Without the foundation we would not have a church office, a pastor, or a music department.

A pledge is not given to meet an obligation, it is not given to pay a tax, it is not given because you have to...it is given because you want to keep the foundation of our Chapel strong and healthy.  We raise money for the window restoration project, money for the cemetery restoration project, we volunteer our time to paint the halls and walls, and we offer our skills to complement the many vendors that work on the Chapel.  But none of that relieves the need for a solid foundation, a predictable source of funding, a recurring bonding of our souls to the soul of the Chapel.   Read more for the status of pledging and go to www.walkerchapel.org/pledge to see your brick!

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Cemetery Restoration Project

The Walker Chapel Cemetery is a designated Historical Area dating back to when the chapel was first formed and the land was donated by Robert and Margaret Walker.

Over the years many individuals have made huge improvements that have contributed to the beauty and serenity of the cemetery.  The building of the entrance gates, removal of brambles and vines, adding the entrance patio and bench, the apostle lights, and the care on T-for-Tal and Chapel Day this year all show the care and love we have for this special place in our community.

The Walker grave site is towards the back and is now overgrown with ivy, bushes, and volunteer trees.  It is not the only site in this condition.  Many headstones and grave markers have been toppled by time and weather.  Many of the beautiful mature trees are fighting for their lives as they are choked by English and poison ivy vines sometimes more than 3” thick.  This project is to restore the cemetery and grounds.  Read more on the status of the project...

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Windows Preservation Project

The Sanctuary windows are among the jewels of Walker Chapel.  Discussions here and there have been in play for years; should we replace the windows, what would be acceptable to the Historic Preservation people, what do you think about stained glass?  The joint feeling was put into words recently by one of us, “I … love the clear glass and feel that it's part of the sanctuary's great appeal and, I think, is part of the appeal of that "Congregational" style.”  Read more on this page to learn the current status of the project.

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