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all forms of art in the expression of faith

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Faith…it doesn’t make it easy, it makes it possible.


Conversion on the Way to Damascus

Oil on Canvas – 24” x 18”

Larry Danforth – May 2021

Original by Caravaggio in 1601

The first painting was done in monochrome using mixed values of gesso from white to gray to black. The gesso dries quickly and allows fine detail painting.

The second stage is where transparent colors are mixed with LIQUIN medium to make a thin glaze. The advantage of LIQUIN is it thins but also dries fairly quickly (overnight). Multiple layers can be applied to get a deeper result.

Titanium White is not used because it is opaque and would instantly hide all the detail of the underpainting. Instead use Zinc White which is transparent.

When done the painting was taken into Photoshop and a standard frame was used to set off the painting. The Edit-Transform-Warp feature is used to make the painting square as it is often crooked in the photo you take with your phone or camera.

Judas Kiss

Grisaille on Canvas – 24” x 18”

Larry Danforth – Dec 2020

from the Sagrada Familia in Madrid, Spain

The Three Crosses

Grisaille on Canvas – 18” x 24”

Larry Danforth – Sep 2020

from an etching and drypoint on parchment by Rembrandt van Rijn in 1653.
380mm by 440mm

About Our Artists

The studio is open to the community with open doors, open hearts, and open minds.  Our artists are of all ages and persuasions bonded by a love of painting the world around them. This section is for all types of art where faith of all dimensions is displayed and discussed.